Hi, my name is Kinga and I am Queenstown Event Pianist. I love listening to people’s stories and sharing their excitement for the event they’re planning, or their big day (congratulations!). Providing highest quality music, performing the songs and pieces they love is one of the best ways to create more beautiful memories to share with the family and close ones.


In the days of mobile phones and digital sounds, bringing tangible contact with live music is something truly extraordinary, something that lights up the room and fills the area with the atmosphere of real people and real relationships. 

Event Pianist

Happily-Ever-After’s and other various events, family reunions, birthdays, corporate events, background music (yes, I do them all!) are a perfect occasion to enrich the world around us with the most beautiful reflection of human nature – art and culture.


I would love to hear about your plans and needs to arrange a perfect Queenstown wedding/event so please have a look through my website, look up the list of songs and listen to some music that I play… and let your imagination fly high! Let me know what you would like me to play and lets plan your event together! There is no song that I couldn’t arrange for piano, as I spent my whole life with music.


Can’t wait to hear your story!

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Short bio

I am a professional, classically trained pianist (BMusic Hons) with over 15 years experience performing internationally throughout Europe and now New Zealand. Originally from Poland, where I obtained my degree, I came to Queenstown and found the most beautiful and welcoming community of dedicated people. Then I decided to make it my home, a dream come true. Since settling in the Wakatipu area I have been enjoying the gorgeous views, hiking, biking, performing and teaching piano. I love engaging in the local community and bringing music to make the place that we live in even more spectacular!


Before you decide to work with me to create something personal for your Wedding day, you will probably look through the song list and listen to some of my recordings. You  will find out that I play variety of music across different genres, from classical to pop, from jazz to contemporary, literally anything! Have a look at a few:

  • ‘Prelude in C’ (Ave Maria) by J. S. Bach
  • ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong
  • ‘Fly me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra
  • ‘Close to you’ by Carpenters
  • ‘Your song’ by Elton John
  • ‘Endless Love’ by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
  • ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri


Depending on your needs, I can perform from one to four hours and provide beautiful live music as a focal point of the occasion or as subtle background music helping create the desired atmosphere. I will make your guests feel welcomed and enrich the space with a warm sound of piano to bring a personal touch to your event.


I also work regularly with other quality musicians, professional singer and flutist who are available to perform at your event as piano–voice or piano-flute duo. As music for me is all about sharing, playing in ensambles makes it even more social and interactive.


Destination weddings across New Zealand, elopements, top of the mounain or lakefront – I will take my piano anywhere to make your big day even more special and pesonalized.

Wedding Packages


I would love to hear your ideas and how you see your event. Tell me about the atmosphere that you would like to create and the music that you would like me to play. With my experience and large, diverse repertoire of classical, jazz, pop and contemporary songs and your selection of music we will create a truly special experience for yourselves and your guests. I’m also very happy to learn any songs at your request which ensures that each performance is unique to your day. There is very little music that I can’t arrange for piano!

Our Happy Customers

“Kinga played at my wedding ceremony and was wonderful. She set a really nice atmosphere for our guests and is lovely to work with. She has a variety of song selections (new and classical) in her repertoire which she is well prepared for. Will definitely recommend Kinga to anyone planning an event for a stress free and amazing experience. Thanks Kinga!”

– Keran Prasad


“I would like to highly recommend Kinga for any private events, theme night, performances. She is also great tutor for people in any age groups as her musical desire and approach makes every encounter memorable.

– Marcin Slusarczyk


“A truly stunning and clearly knowledgable pianist. Kinga plays for the love of playing and it really shines through. Don’t miss a chance to watch her show.

– Anna Maria van Riel